About Zen: Mindfulness

My self-help book on mindfulness. It explores what mindfulness is, how it can help in our everyday lives and includes various exercises and practices you can develop as part of your own practice. Mindfulness is a journey in the present moment and can help with all facets of our lives. This book shows you how.

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Poems About Zen

These poems were written during periods of mindfulness insight. They cover many themes of mindfulness and Zen, including Compassion, Kindness and Joy.

May these poems resonate with you; bring you home to the present moment and provide wonderful opportunities to reflect and breathe with the wonder of all that is.

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Moonwind Moonwind

Moonwind is the first ‘best of collection’ of Craig Gilbert’s poetry, with some new poems previously unpublished contained within.

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A Gathering Of WingsA Gathering of Wings

A Gathering Of Wings is a stunning collection of poems telling a spiritual and epic story through my eyes, as I take a journey of discovery along a part of Scotland’s coastal path towards a new destiny.


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The Black Tree

“The Black Tree is where the white faeries live…”

Matt Drake is homeless, struggling to find his place in a cold, dark world of his own making. Nightmares besiege him, always of pain and chaos; with images of a black tree, recurring, disturbing his mind.

It is only when his nightmares start to become true, and a chance encounter with a mysterious woman, Anouska, who knows all about him, that he is pushed into a frantic journey for his own survival.

The true meaning behind his dreams starts to take shape, and Matt realises it is not just himself that is threatened, but the very fabric of existence, as the faeries begin to emerge, to feed on the souls of humanity…

The Black Tree is a supernatural thriller.

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Soul Shadows

Soul Shadows is a work of poetry delving into the emotional journey of the author across the span of three years.

It is a book a poems from the heart, detailing the author’s hopes, dreams, romanticisms, light and dark moods, and observations of life in general.

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