I offer various mentoring services to help you in your mindfulness journey (Mindful Mentoring/Mindful Transform and The Path To Zen):

Mindful Mentoring:

1 to 1 mindful mentoring sessions are £30 for 2 hours (although check the I Zen: U Zen subscription page for discounts).

These mentoring sessions are helpful if you have a specific issue you want to address in your life, such as anxiety or coping with a situation you’re in. Dependent on the issue will determine the number of sessions, often one or two sessions can be enough to help to target something specific.

Mindful Transform:

Mindful transform is a service that covers 5 sessions of mentoring, useful for kick-starting your mindfulness practice into all aspects of your life. We’ll cover the following:

  1. Body state: how our body is (health), emotions and practices to help;
  2. Thought state: what our thoughts are (mental-health) and practices to help;
  3. Silence and Space guidance: giving more space for ‘Being’;
  4. Joy practices: cultivating our happiness and joy for life;
  5. Selflessness practices: cultivating our kindness and compassion.

Each mindful transform session costs £30 and are approx. 2 hours long. We’ll also have a notebook to give you practices from each session to the next and check-in to see how you’re progressing.

These sessions will enable me to become your Zen life mentor, where we will look at your life and adopt a mindful approach to it. So, if there’s any specific issues that need ‘unravelling’, we can do this. I offer a mindful listening and loving speech method. No matter what the issues are: strong ‘fear’ based emotions such as anxiety, anger, frustration and depression can all be helped; in addition we’ll also define new ways to be in the world that gives us nourishment, vitality and self-compassion.

For further information please e-mail me at:, visit my contact page, or text me at 07846-399-594.

“The Path to Zen” service:

This is a way of deepening your mindfulness practice with me as your mentor, and will cover 24 sessions (one a month) for two years, where we will get together (either online or in person) to go through all aspects of mindfulness and provide a working plan for you to practise mindfulness in your daily life. 

This path will encompass all my knowledge on mindfulness, including 26 worksheets on theory/practices (covers my 10 week introductory course, my 6 week deepening module, plus 8 sessions of nature connection), involve personal tuition and advice on your current issues in life and working out a mindful approach to all of them. Every month, we will go over your practices and be curious about what has arisen, gaining insight and wisdom.

After the two years, it is my hope that you will have a solid foundation of mindfulness practice that will enable you to cope with whatever comes your way, have developed a daily way of being that works for you and discovered a path to contentment in your life

Each of the 24 sessions will be approx 1-2 hours. There will also be nature (mindful) walks and outdoor meditations in some of the sessions.

Cost for each session (monthly) will be £30 (subscribers can get this for £15 per month – view the subscription page for more details).

For more information, please contact me at or text 07846-399594.

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