I can help you.

Following six years experience in mindfulness practice, I have transformed my own life and well-being: become happy, eased my health issues and increased my energy for life.

Using my personal experience and practice, I can guide you to help yourself see through the issues you’re facing, to adjust your state of being and become the best version of yourself that you can be. 

I can also assist with your continued mindfulness practice and be a guide to any questions you have arising from it.

Sometimes, a question and answer is all you need. Sometimes, a full session of mindfulness is what you need. Sometimes, a continual mentoring process is what you need. It depends on you and your situation.

Prices are £30 an hour (or less if it’s just a question and answer). Many sessions we can meet in person, online or physically (either in a room or outdoors in nature), where we can explore issues in a private, confidential setting.

For further information please e-mail me at:, visit my contact page, or text me at 07846-399-594.

Subscribers can get money off these services – view the subscription page for more details).

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