Garden sitting

I write this blog after eight weeks in lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

With time at home, I’ve been using the space like a mindfulness retreat, where, in between my online work and adapting my job to exist in this home, internet world, I’ve been taking the action to ‘just be’ every day. Part of this ‘being’ has, with gratitude to the continuing sunshine, been taken outdoors, in our back garden.

These moments outdoors have been sacred, and very healing. By just sitting and looking at the cloud formations passing the house, the feel of the warm sun on my skin; the sounds and delights of all the birds that are fully enjoying spring, I’ve discovered further peacefulness and joy. It’s like a meditation – just sitting, just letting things be as they are, noticing if my mind wanders and bringing it back to ‘just sitting in the garden’.

Over the time, things have grown. Flowers have opened up, like the poppies pictured. Birds have taken to nesting in little alcoves in our outbuilding, and other wildlife has re-emerged from the shadows – one particular delight was the first sighting of an orange-tipped butterfly dancing around our garden fence.

Nature continues, without any care or judgment. This is always a wonderful practice, to sit out in nature, bringing myself back to what truly is happening; not what my mind sometimes tells me. Here, I feel part of everything, breathing with the flowers, giving them more life. I look at the sun and feel the light descending, covering everything. If not for the sun, I wouldn’t exist. Nothing would exist. I can look at the sun and have huge gratitude for its continued presence.

These moments have certainly helped me ease into this lockdown, without worrying too much about the uncertainty over the future. It’ll arrive soon enough, and I’ll deal with it then. Until then, I’m content to sit, practice my being, which has given me a lot of resilience, joy and peacefulness in this time. I hope that I can then offer that joy out into the world to people who really need it; for people who might not have the luxury of sitting in a garden, or having the time, or are coping with larger, more difficult issues in their life.

So, I’m taking this opportunity to send some light, some of that sunshine that I’ve felt, out to you all, in the hope that it helps with your current situations. May you all be safe, happy and free of suffering.

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