The Lemon & Other Short Stories

The Lemon CoverI had great fun writing The Lemon & Other Short Stories. I basically compiled a list of true events that had happened in my life from when I left college to begin work, and my experiences of those early j0bs, together with early relationship issues and humourous tales. The lemon part of the story relates to advice I was given by a medical practitioner, and kind of summed up the overall feel of the book, one of madcap juiciness!

I’ve been overwhelmed with people’s reactions to this book at craft fairs. It often brings a smile, or an inquisitive eyebrow raise due to its bright cover, and it’s just lovely for me when somebody takes the time to look at the book, and relate to some of the stories in it. Of course, friends who knew some of these stories in the first place have enjoyed it too. It’s pleasing though to get reviews for it from people who do not know me, as they too have enjoyed the book for what it is: a look into a young man’s life, and all the angst and joy that can bring.

You can read a review of the book here on Amazon.

You can read samples of the book here.

If you’re interested in buying this book from me directly, please visit my donations page.

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