Mindfulness videos

Please click on the links below to access a mindfulness video. There will be a new one uploaded onto this page every week.

Initially I will run through my mindfulness course, so there will be a different aspect of mindfulness discussed in each video, along with a guided meditation in each. There will also be practices discussed for you to practice in your own life.

1 – Introduction to mindfulness

2 – Ego as a suit of armour

3 – The three elements of mindfulness

4 – The Universe of Magic

5 – The Opening Heart

6 – The Ego Circle Vs The Zen Circle

7 – Overthinking (Rumination)

8 – Consumption

9 – Eight Mindful Attitudes

10 – The Art of Mindful Communication

Practices 1: Mindful Walking, Eating, Listening, Speech

Practices 2: Absorb into a task, Body Scan, Sit and just be, Observe

Practices 3: Movements, Spot the Ego, Lean into fears, sitting with demons

Practices 4: Look for lessons, mirroring, visualisation and loving-kindness

Practices 5: Ceremony, Silence & Space, sound therapy and creativity

Practices 6: Kindness, Compassion, Non-judgment, Noting thoughts

Practices 7: Barefoot Walking, Mindful Touch, Slow Pause and Letting go of ego

Practices 8: Gratitude, Generosity, Discipline and Forgiveness

Practices 9: Chop Wood, Patience, Abundance and Intentions/Purpose

Practices 10: Joy, Breathing, Honouring the Pain, Story of the week

Developing Acceptance of Everything

What we practice today determines our future