Craig Gilbert is an unfortunate combination of Scottish birth, English accent, and has a writerly compulsion to share tales woven in webs of imaginative fantasy.

Craig has published poetry books and fantasy novels, plus an autobiography of his early adulthood, revealing more skeletons than any writer sensibly should.

On near and distant horizons are three book trilogies, a captivating and mysterious book of short-stories and an audio CD for his book A Gathering of Wings, which is really a thinly veiled excuse to buy a synthesizer.

Craig treasures a cluttered writing space in his Fife home, however is most likely to be found writing in tearooms, eating cake and drinking copious amounts of tea. He says this is essential to his creative process. His wife says it’s procrastination.

Craig is currently very distracted by Zen Mindfulness, and runs coursesgroups and 1-1 mentoring sessions, should you care to join him in his distraction.

Craig’s books are available via the ScaryMe publishing website.

One thought on “About

  1. Hello
    Just came across your page. I’m quite new to fife. I live in Dunfermline and am interested in your mindful walks
    and maybe some coaching.
    If you have a mailing list please feel free to add me.
    I’d like to come ti as many of the walks as possible. I do work some Sundays though and I don’t have a car so as long as I can get to starting points by public transport. Good to find you!

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