A Gathering of Wings Artwork If you are interested in reading/ordering any of my work, this is the way to do it:

I am happy to send you any of my books via a donation from Paypal.

If you:

Log onto Paypal

Click ‘Send & Request’, then ‘Send money to friends and family’

Enter ‘’ in the box and hit ‘next’.

Add a ‘note’ to tell me what book(s)/quantities you require and enter a donation amount.

Once I receive this I will contact you for your address and will send you the book(s) via the post and liaise by e-mail.


Gathering of Wings ArtworkI regularly do book and social events, so if you’re around you could buy them from me directly (and get a signed copy, to boot!)

If you wish to donate just to help me produce more books/continue my work, or help with funding my Zen Mindfulness ventures, then it will be gratefully received. So long as you include your e-mail I’ll be able to contact you to thank you or engage in more conversation. I am honoured and blessed to have people supporting me and want nothing more than to help make this world a better one through my writing/zen teachings/retreats.

Thank you all!

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