selflessnessI Zen: U Zen

A mindfulness  subscription service, which entitles members to receive discounts on Zen Life Fife services and an e-mail newsletter with mindfulness tips.

You will receive:

  • For £20 per month: (limited to 40 people)

Access to one of my drop-in groups each week;

Attend one mindful walk a month;

You can receive a discount of 50% on a mindful mentoring session per month if required;

  • For £45 per month: (limited to 20 people)

Unlimited access to any of my drop-in groups or mindful walks;

One mindful mentoring session per month for free, with further 50% discount on further sessions;

20% members’ discount on retreats/workshops;

  • For £60 per month: (limited to 10 people)

You have access to all the same benefits as £45 members, plus your additional £15 will provide:

Unlimited mindful mentoring and 50% discount on retreats/workshops.

All members will receive an e-mail newsletter with mindfulness tips.

If you are interested in becoming a subscriber, please contact me at e-mail: or use the contact page.


spirit-worldDonations via Paypal

If you wish to donate just to help me continue my work, or help with funding my Zen Mindfulness retreat spaces, then it will be gratefully received. So long as you include your e-mail I’ll be able to contact you to thank you. I am honoured and blessed to have people supporting me and want nothing more than to help make this world a better one through my writing/zen teachings/retreats.

Log onto Paypal:

Click ‘Send & Request’, then ‘Send money to friends and family’

Enter ‘’ in the box and hit ‘next’.

Add a ‘note’ to tell me who you are and enter a donation amount.

Thank you all!

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