Zen & Mindfulness


Zen & Mindfulness

I’ve completed a Mindfulness Diploma, and have, especially in the last few years, undergone a spiritual journey where many principles and teachings of ‘Zen’ has improved my mental well-being. I now offer what I’ve learned,  via:

Zen Mindfulness Course for Beginners

£5 per session

I run an initial 6 week course on Mindfulness for beginners, and follow this up with 10 practice sessions, and thereafter ongoing where required, to really integrate mindfulness into your life.

The course covers all elements of mindfulness, with practical practice sessions to encourage you. There will be present moment practices such as mindful eating and mindful movements, as well as breathing techniques designed to increase your awareness to the here and now and acknowledge what is going on in your mind. The course includes guided meditations and notes on 40 practices to really embed mindfulness as your true nature.

This course runs weekly. I currently have two such groups running, one in Falkland and the other in Kirkcaldy. Please contact me for further info; newcomers always welcome.

Mindful Walks

£10 per person

I run Mindful Walks each month (please check the events page) at different locations in Fife.


Zen Mindfulness 1 to 1  -  (a minimum of six sessions)

The Format:

Six sessions with me on a one to one basis, to explore and cover:

  • Patterns, beliefs and state of being – what are we wanting to change in our lives? Looking at the Ego and the 3 elements of Mindfulness, Love Vs Fear
  • A toolkit to begin to change your current state of being – Light Vs Heavy, Ego as a suit of armour, Storylines, what is Zen
  • Mindfulness practices: achieving awareness, acceptance and being in the present moment
  • Universal truths and cultivating loving-kindness, joy, compassion, equanimity and zen
  • The power of the word – empathy, non-violent communication and interactions with others
  • Connectedness – nature, stillness, space and selflessness
  • Opening Heart, the Ego Circle Vs the Zen Circle

The Cost:

2 hours per session, maybe once a fortnight but dependent on you – cost £25 per session.  A notebook will be used to jot down notes/thoughts as they arise on the course – please bring one with you.  Further mentoring can be available as/when needed, following the initial 6 sessions, to fully immerse in the practices.


At a mutually convenient location, to be agreed – I’m based in Fife.  I can also do the course via e-mail.


To allow you to truly ‘be’ in this life. The course aims to diffuse worry, anxiety and lack of confidence; promote self-love and growth, heal old wounds, improve communication with others, tackle fears and creative blocks, build more resilience to the impermanent nature of the world, cope with stress…and much more. This course is designed for you to BE the relaxed being you were born to be.

E-mail: zen@craig-gilbert.com to begin your adventure…or use the contact page.

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