Into the dark months

It’s the last day of November in 2021. The winter is beginning, following on from recent storms and a dusting of snow in the local area I live in. There is a new Covid variant called ‘Omicron’ that has been detected, and climate change post COP26 has a feeling all of its own: that we’re in a process of changing our way of living, but with the feel of a deadline looming.

How do we cope with this, as human beings? As well as the current plight of the world, we have our own issues to consider; our livelihoods, work, purpose, and health. Are we becoming more ‘awake’ in this time, or are we descending further into ‘distraction’?

I’m noticing that between all the gloom, there is light. There are more and more people turning to holistic therapies, and mindfulness. I even spied an article about the NHS in England prescribing meditation and mindfulness before anti-depressants. Change, seems to be coming; a more mindfulness led strategy for the future seems like the ‘right action’ to me.

At the moment, I feel as a species we’re at a tipping point. It could go either way. I see many people awakening and become more present; I also see so many people wanting to become awake, but unable to do so because of their fearful past or their current distactions/annoyance with the state of the world. But even this ‘wanting to be awake’ is part of the process.

It feels pivotal to me, right now, to be as present as we can be. We need to be with our hurt, our pain, our annoyance, and transform it into kind action for ourselves. If we don’t do it for ourselves, we can’t do it for others. Can we honour our pain, our struggle, and use it as a basis for love for all beings?

We can do it. We can achieve miraculous things. We can turn the tide and begin this global awakening. It starts with us as individuals to notice what makes us less present, less mindful. Whenever we get angry, that’s a sign to ‘wake up’, to come back to our bodies and be kind to ourselves. So, as we go into the dark months of winter, it’s a perfect time to reflect on our own life, our own pain, and to comfort it in the warmth of a glowing fire: our fire from within, that is full of love and benevolence. It’s always there, just hidden. Can we uncover it? Can we act from place of love, not from places of fear? This is the challenge of our time.

May you all have a peaceful winter, filled with insights and awakened moments. May we all be able to cope with the tide of difficulty just now, and come out the other side. Being present, staying in the moment, will help us cope with the whirlwind of situations and life-changes going on. Take your next step, right here, right now: pause, breathe, and be kind to yourself.

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