New year message 2021

I post this during a renewed lockdown in many countries for Coronavirus and the news showing the current political violence in the USA. These are just two examples of how 2021 is impacting so many people, just as the year before affected so many.

My heart opens to the suffering in this world, and compels me to write this blog today.

The news continues to repeat the same headlines, just with different actors and events. There is violence. There is anger. There is separation, anxiety and death. How can we, as viewers of this continuing narration, serve the world? How can we help ourselves change?

I’ve been reading and learning a lot about non-duality lately: this means seeing (and feeling) the world as one, interconnected whole. It’s only in our minds (our conditioned interpretation of things) that we think there are boundaries and differences between people, cultures, countries and systems. We’ve been working on this ego-mind for centuries, fueling religious differences, racial differences, political differences, and the ego is full of panic, of anxiety and anger. We try to protect ourselves through our unconscious mind that creates all of this world. When there’s separation like this in our identity, there’s conflict.

From this understanding and insight of ‘wholeness’, to be angry at someone is being angry at ourselves. Whenever anger manifests within, it needs to be treated, cared for and loved, just as if we were hugging a young child needing comfort. That gives us comfort; it transforms the anger into kindness. If we’re all connected, what we do, how we act and what we think manifests into reality not just for us, but for everyone.

What if we all worked on our kindness, our compassion, our joy, our gratitude, our connectedness? What if we woke up from our own ego mind, which is just a tiny part of our being, and witnessed the awareness underneath – our innate, natural state that lives to love, to care and to nurture ourselves and others? We are not our thoughts, or our judgmental interpretation of things, because we can see these thoughts. Thoughts are conditioned by our past. Beyond thought, there just is, there’s just awareness of being alive. This awareness is inherently non-conditional.

I finish this blog with this seed of hope; that we all wake up to kindness and our natural, unbiased, non-conditional awareness. There, I’ve planted it onto the internet. I’m sending everyone in the world, right now, kindness and love. I wish everyone to suffer less. May you all have a kind, hopeful 2021, filled with the wonder that truly is this life.

“Even on the darkest of days, we can catch a glimpse of something majestic, something beautiful.”

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  1. Thank you Craig …these words made me stop and acknowledge how easy it is to become wrapped in the ego mind….breathing, slowing down and releasing is required..🙏

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