Winter awareness

Awareness: it’s the key to non-judgment.

When we turn our awareness onto something, whether it’s the trees we’re walking by, the sound of the wind, the feel of the ground under our feet, the sense of taste when we’re eating…whatever our focus is on is without judgment. It’s just connecting ourselves to the moment we’re in.

Therefore, awareness is what gives us the now and takes away our ‘thinking’ about it. We’re just present with our awareness, choosing to see what is happening with our senses. The longer we can stay in this state, the less heavy we become. It is an amazing thing that the more we cultivate our awareness, the joy of simply being arrives.

We are so conditioned in modern society to be doing, to be rushing, to be thinking, and everything we take in can make us think (even reading this article might make you think!) and so if we’re bombarding ourselves with images, books and soundbites we’re filling our head with potential thought.

This is fine so long as we see how often we’re there, and choose to come back to our awareness. I’m looking forward to winter, in the fact that there are many things that I can use my awareness on: the colours of autumn leaves, the sounds of wind storms/rain hitting my window, the feeling of the cold, the sounds of fire crackling in my log burner, the gaze upon the flames dancing in front of me, that delicious hot chocolate I’m drinking, cradling the mug in my hands….awareness can be absolutely everywhere!

So, this winter, see what you can focus on with your awareness. More awareness is more meditation of the moment you’re in. Practising this will increase your ability to see your thoughts and emotions, and then you’ve got a choice of what to do, consciously, mindfully.

Looking at winter this way, then, for me, is akin to being on more mindful retreats, without having to go anywhere particularly. Each time I dwell in the moment, I lose my judgment of everything – and this is where my healing begins again in earnest. So, notice if you’re grumpy, fed up with the long winter nights, moaning about life, or judging things to be dark and miserable, and come back to your awareness. By tuning into the feeling, you’re healing, and you’re creating acceptance within you.

Happy winter and the remainder of 2020; here’s to a wonderful New Year filled with wonder and gratitude. Compassion and kindness to everyone.

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