To dwell, or not to dwell…

I’m noticing a lot of dramatic news headlines these days. The wording used on some of these articles can be very judgmental; taken literally, it would guide us to hide under our beds and never come out to face this life we’re in. It’s fine to watch the news and take in the facts, but when it’s spun in such an intense fashion with the wording it can create fear within us. These kind of thought processes locks us into our ‘fear’ base, and threatens our own sanity, putting us into tinier ‘comfort zones’, separating us from what we actually need to live (and thrive) in happiness.

So, it gets me pondering, what should we dwell upon? What should be considered as ‘fact’, or ‘fiction’? What can we do to avert the ‘fear’ from growing within us, when there seems so much of it around?

What we consume, either through our media, news, movies, stories and people’s guidance, will always affect how we feel about life. Watch enough horror on TV and you’ll get used to it; it won’t shock as much, it’ll become mainstream for your mind. It’ll even become you, in some way, just as if you were sitting consuming other peoples’ anger in a room. We’ll become angry ourselves if we stay in such environments. So, if we’re living in fear, we become fear.

Changing our mindset, choosing what we dwell upon, is key to a peaceful mind. Do we watch the news 24/7, lapping up the drama of headlines and then gossip about how despairing the world is becoming? Or do we look at the headlines, accept these things are happening, and then continue to look at our own lives, to be as happy and calm as we can be? Can we consider what we can do, as one person on the planet, to help? In a room full of angry people, one calm person can make a difference. That one person will be rippling out peacefulness in all directions.

I’m dwelling on gratitude, happiness, joy of life. I’m dwelling on helping others as much as I can. I’m dwelling on my own self worth, self compassion and seeing the good in everything. There’s a gift in whatever comes, if we look hard enough. At worst, it’s teaching us something about how we are: where we do get angry, or despondent. Knowing ourselves is the beginning of transforming ourselves.

I no longer have a TV licence. I do not watch the news. I keep abreast of it online, so I do know what’s going on, but I don’t invest a lot of time in the consumption of it. The dramatic way it can be portrayed can fill us with negativity and worry. By consuming other things in my senses, even the simplicity of feeling sunshine on my face, or watching blackbirds foraging in the undergrowth for worms, keeps my spirit energised and joyful. I believe if we all did this, if we all discovered that life is here for joy and abundance is all around us, then we would – collectively – change the world consciousness and we’d all start to heal all the issues we face as a collective unit.

So, what are you going to dwell upon today? The present – each moment available to us, or worry over the future, or despair over the past?

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