Transformative Mindfulness

18102016340Change is coming.

Not only is it autumn, and the trees shed their leaves, changing their form in time for winter; not only is it getting darker at night, the day shorter and cooler; not only did I just end one life path and start another (as a self-employed mindfulness practitioner), change is coming, everywhere.

I see it in people I meet. I see it in the world. I see it in the way we act with one another. There’s a deep rooted fear in society, that, through my practice of mindfulness, I’m seeing so much more clearly. Perhaps it’s always been there, but it does feel like an abyss of despair at this point in time.  Yet there is hope – we can pause before we plunge.

People are frightened of their own lives. I’m noticing the anxiety in so many people, and it’s their thoughts that’s causing the anxiety. Worse, they’re not seeing these thoughts, but descending further into the ‘what if’s, how do I fit in, what should I do, why me’ process. So many of my friends on social media and in life, shut themselves out, or complain about how this world is affecting them, or worry endlessly about this, and that.  It’s getting worse. Things are imagined, or made to look dramatic, when the reality is there is absolutely nothing going on – it’s just what’s in our heads – so we believe it.

Awareness is the only truth: what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste, and feel.  It’s this moment, or nothing else. It’s why I’m so passionate about mindfulness. It’s the truth, it highlights what is really there, not what we think is there.

That’s why I consider mindfulness transformative.  If we look deeply at ourselves, and really take that courageous step to do so, we will begin to see the patterns we’re in. We begin to see the habits and destructive thoughts we wage on ourselves. We wake up, and we can choose a different path.

I have totally transformed my life with the miracle that is mindfulness. It’s why I kinda dig it, you know? It’s interesting to me that a lot of people run from the very thought of mindfulness. It’s scary to some. Well, it’s brave to look deeply at ourselves, isn’t it? We know the truth of it, deep down, and why we’re running, but we continue in the distraction nonetheless.  Sometimes, it’s easier to do that, and I can see why we do. I’m hugely compassionate to people because I’ve experienced the same fears, the same distractions.

But, there is a way.  Pause before you plunge – pause before you dive into that realm of despair (all based on your thinking).  Pause, breathe, and come back to what is actually happening – the facts. The awareness. At this moment, I’m sitting here typing this article. My hands feel slightly cold. I notice I’m a little bit hungry. I feel full of determination. There is nothing else that I’m aware of  at this moment. If I’m worried about what people will think of this article, I might not finish it. This kind of thinking is fear; this is the imagination of a subconscious thought program – nothing more. When I breathe, when I really come back to this moment, all is well.

So if you feel anxious, pause. If you feel upset, pause. If you feel sadness, pause. If you feel jealousy, pause. And so on. Breathe. Come back to the moment. Observe the facts. Transform yourself to doing something different.

That’s why there is always hope. That’s why the future IS mindfulness, because if we don’t embrace it, don’t learn about it, we’ll end up going round in circles of defeat and despair in our heads, and we’ll be lost.

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