Life is bute-iful

Bute_poolI’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to the Isle of Bute. I spent just under a week immersing myself in the landscape, scenery and ‘just being’.  I’ve returned feeling rejuvenated, more mindful of myself and more in tune with the present. Practice, practice, practice!

I also spent some time researching areas of Bute for my forthcoming novel, ‘The White Fox’, and picked up some gems along the way (one of them this pool, pictured, that will feature in the book).

Viewing the landscape reminds me of the need to create space in our lives; to just be and watch the scenery, the wildlife, hear the sounds of the sea, the sounds of nature…just to fully embrace everything around us. There’s an expansiveness about that; a sense that things aren’t just about ‘me’, they’re about the cosmic unfurling of the universe.

I see things these days with fresh eyes, less frightened, less anxious, less needing to change things. It is an inner joy bubbling away within me, a brewing of spirit, of something wonderful constantly emerging.

There is such emergence everywhere. I see transformation happening all around me. Is it co-incidence that people I know are wanting to change jobs? That people are wanting to move, to find something better in their lives? Is it co-incidence that communities are beginning to come together, to talk to one another, to heal old wounds? Is it co-incidence that scientists are discovering more about our world, including us, and how we work? Is it co-incidence that the last movie I watched was Avengers: Infinity War, and it’s all about re-balancing the universe?

Seeing synchronicity in life, like this, is becoming a daily habit. I’ve always enjoyed synchronicity, and often feel there are no co-incidences when we’re in the cosmic flow. Acceptance of things just lets us keep in that flow, and journey with life rather than fighting against it. I’d spent my first 40 years of life fighting, now I’m learning to accept – and the change that acceptance gives is extraordinary. How ironic that acceptance incites change? It’s a paradox, but it’s true. I just go with the river. Whatever comes, comes. What bends in the river ahead of me I don’t know, but I accept going down the river anyway. It’s trust. It’s faith. Can we learn to just flow with the river, or do we want to divert it, make it go a certain way, a way that looks brighter?

I’m encouraged by my continuing happiness by ‘just being’. I’m not striving for happiness. It’s just there. Only now, I can see it, because I’m in this cosmic flow – I’m seeing everything, and I’m not really thinking about ‘me’ all that much.

Thank you, Isle of Bute, for reminding me of this fact; for your birds and seascapes, for your embrace and for letting go.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed your visit. I practically grew up on Bute. Both with my grandfather in his flat in Port Banatyne or my uncle in Ardbeg. Happy times on beautiful Bute.

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