Going on retreat…a tale of The White Fox and About Zen: Mindfulness

Kilchattan Bay So…how are you good people? First blog post of 2018, and we’re in March…having stepped through most of Winter, I am beginning to emerge on what promises to be a spell-binding year.

As people who are in the know, I am now teaching Mindfulness to groups on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the journey continues for me, the shifts keep coming and the Mindfulness in my own practice becomes ever more apparent. There is no end, only shifts; practice, practice, over and over. Enlightenment is never reached, or if I think it does, I’m firmly reminded by the universe that ‘no, no it hasn’t’.

I was amused to see a note on a website (from the International Futures Forum) talking of a Second Enlightenment. The aim, I’m realising, is not to strive for anything like enlightenment, or to sit on a mountain top with inner peace exuding from oneself; the aim is simply to continually observe what is in the here and now, as a way of life. This includes all the difficult stuff. Why? Because then I’m not making stuff up about my life, especially in thought form. It’s all about the experience, not the loss of the present into a realm of illusory thoughts, made up suffering and what if’s. We’re all suffering enough as it is. Mindfulness is all about not adding to the suffering, and by increasing one’s awareness to the here and now we do tend to suffer less as a result, and when we’re suffering less, other people around us also suffer less. That’s why, for me, it’s the most important thing I can do in life.

My guided mindful walks begin in earnest in just over a week away, and I’ve got 8 planned this year up until October. Not only that, with my continued 1 to 1 zen life coaching services, I’m immersing myself in the basic principle of ‘living in the present moment’ and sharing this with others, should they request the need. This has already been a four year journey. So, what’s next?

Continued practice…and a book on the subject.

About Zen: Mindfulness¬†is underway. I take every Monday after my group to sit somewhere and write about the topic held in the group on that day. Whether it’s about gratitude, or about the ego, or about suffering, or about the flow of the universe, it’s all getting jotted down. My hope is that the book will reach many people, and will be an invitation for the reader to share in the practice of Mindfulness.

To deepen my own practice this year, I’m planning a solitary retreat, beginning on the Isle of Bute in May. I shall blog about it afterward. This will also culminate in writing more of The White Fox (my sequel to The Black Tree) of which much of the story for that book will be based on the Isle of Bute, so it’ll be great for me to research the area and add my descriptions to the book while I’m there. Yet the retreat will be much more a case of meditation, of walking the landscape in silence, and of exploring my own limits and connecting with the spacious, abundance of nature.¬† Silence and space are two great ways of being in the moment. In silence, we notice our need to speak. In space, we notice our need to fill it with distractions.

So the journey continues to unfold. It’s a pleasure to share it with all those who read this blog.

Hopefully I will catch up with one or two of you on my mindful walks.



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