A fragment of the 2017 journey

spirit-worldNovember. The UK gears up for the next celebration: Christmas. I walked past a Christmas tree in Morrisons only yesterday. My initial thought was ‘goodness gracious, that’s early!’ then I gave myself a chuckle and let the thought pass by. Why should I get annoyed over a tree?

I think I can sum up my 2017 journey with similar stories. Stories about thinking. Stories about awareness of thinking.

This has been my journey, practicing the art of becoming more aware. The more aware I am, the more conscious I am, and the more present I am for myself and for others I come into contact with. The result? Better relationships. Better quality of life. Noticing when I’m feeling despondent and snapping out of it. Noticing when I’m enjoying myself and savouring it. This is the basic truth of mindfulness.

With this practice, my life has opened up considerably. Two weeks ago I gave my first mindful talk to a group of about 30 people. I look back and smile, and realise that only a year or two ago this fact would have filled me with huge anxiety. How could I give a talk to 30 people! It’s inconceivable. Now, it’s happened. My smile grows broader.

I now stand on the edge of something new, again. I’m being invited by the universe to step into new challenges, to practice more, to overcome more fears, to become…well…even more conscious. That is so true, so much of my purpose now. This is my life, my story, and I’m moving into another new chapter. Once again, I’m reminded of the ever changing flow of the universe: nothing ever stays the same.

My life is my meditation, my practice. Everything being thrown at me raises a question (if I’m being aware). I cannot put into words how awe-inspiring I feel from this practice, from this way of being.

I have nothing but gratitude for this journey, my path, this flow. I am immensely honoured to be in the position I’m in, a place I had never thought possible.

So, 2017 has been amazing to me. Every day is amazing. So many good things have happened, and the bad? Well, now I’m judging good and bad, so I will refrain from that. Every moment is a teaching, and I am grateful for each and every moment that I’m still here, breathing, living, accepting and enjoying the fragments of this life.

2018? There is a palpable sense of something shifting, something stirring, something wonderful. I believe our world is set for huge changes, for awakenings and for awareness to reach many more of us – we will have come home, and the world will respond. Once again my optimism for the future shines through.

Once again, I smile broadly, realise I’m thinking about the future, and come back to the moment, chuckling at my ever chatting mind.


4 thoughts on “A fragment of the 2017 journey

  1. Thanks Craig I feel privileged to have shared with you some of your journey, I also have to say thanks for the inspiration and the “chuckles ” xx

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