Hollow world? Well, if you think so…

Hollow tree Stumbling across this hollow tree the other day has inspired me to write a new blog post. It was an amazing find, with a huge gouge out the centre of it.

For many people, this is what their lives are like: hollow, empty, depressed…do you know the feeling?

For many of us, we get up like zombies, go to work (in a job we don’t really enjoy, but it pays the bills, right?), Mon-Fri, 7 plus hours a day…for what? So we can get our small token of rest at weekends, which we spend agonising over the fact that Monday is just around the corner.  Sound familiar?

Maybe there’s a different way. I’ve managed to do it (hurrah!) I work part-time, the rest of the time I devote to being. Yes, a human being, not a human doing…and this brings me neatly onto something I’ve learned. It’s actually really abundant to just ‘be’.

Most of us do work so we can have more money to buy more things so we can be happier – but this approach doesn’t work (I’ve tried it, believe me). Happiness is not a goal or a destination, it’s a mind concept.

I suspect this tree is probably quite happy, despite the huge hollow hole in the middle of it. There were plenty of leaves on it, the sunshine was pouring on it, birds were nestling in the branches. It was an idyllic scene. It accepts the fact it has a hole. It can’t change the fact, nor can it fight it, so the only choice open to it is to ‘carry on’. I have no idea if trees have feelings or think, but I do know we as humans ‘think’ all the time. If we dropped all that thought, what would we be left with? We’d be like a tree – alive, existing, in the present moment (there’s no concept of time for trees), and just, well, being.

So, if you find yourself doing far too much, stop and just be for a while. Stop trying so hard. Stop trying to attain, attain, attain! It sounds a bit like a dalek. Let everything just be, let everything just flow around you, and see then how you feel. We have all the time in the world…




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