Mindful Walk: Ravenscraig Park to Dysart, Sun 24th November, 1pm-3pm

A mindful walk, beginning at Ravenscraig Park car park, and walking through the lovely park to the shoreline. From there we’ll pause to enjoy the sea and the beach, before continuing through the tunnel to Dysart harbour. We’ll wander around the harbour to the Dysart beams, before finishing at the Harbourmaster’s House for refreshments. Approx 2 hours. 1pm-3pm. Cost £10. To book, please message Craig via this page, text 07846 399594 or e-mail: info@craig-gilbert.com

Formonthills Woodland Walk, Glenrothes – Sun 22nd Sep – 1pm-3pm

Starting at the Pitcairn Centre car park, we will walk into the Formonthills Woodland, where we will pause and investigate the various features within, such as the totem pictured. Various parts of the woodland offer striking views of Glenrothes and also the Lomond Hills. We will then return to the car park for approx 3pm, where there will be an option to travel to a cafe for refreshments in Glenrothes itself. Cost £10 per person. If you’d like to book on this event, please contact Craig Gilbert via text on 07846 399594, e-mail: info@craig-gilbert.com or private message on this page.

Inverkeithing to Aberdour Mindful Walk, Sun 25th Aug 1pm-4pm

A mindful walk, meeting at Inverkeithing Train Station, to Aberdour along the Fife Coastal Path. We’ll take our time, enjoying the views across the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh and the Forth Bridges, looking out for seals and wildlife along the route. We’ll take a stop at St Brigit’s Kirk (pictured), to sit for a while and soak up the atmosphere, before continuing on to Aberdour where we’ll stop for refreshments along the High St. To return, there are buses or trains to Inverkeithing. Distance is approx 6 miles. Cost is £10 per person. If you’d like to book on this walk, please contact Craig Gilbert via text: 07846 399594, e-mail: info@craig-gilbert.com or direct message this page. Thank you, Craig

Coastal walk from Leven beach to Lundin Links: Sun July 14th, 1pm-3pm.

Starting opposite the bus station in Leven, we’ll take a mindful walk along Leven Beach towards Lundin Links, with optional visit to the standing stones on the Lady’s golf course at Lundin Links. We will finish at a cafe for refreshments. From there, there’s a bus option to return to Leven or a walk back. Approx 2 miles (4 miles if walking back). Cost £10 per person. If you’d like to book on this event, please contact Craig Gilbert via text on 07846 399594, e-mail: info@craig-gilbert.com or private message on this page.

Falkland Summer Walk – 30th June 10am-1pm

A mindful walk starting from Pillars of Hercules organic cafe, through the magical Falkland Estate up to the Tyndall Bruce monument and the Temple of Decision. We will have just past the Summer Solstice, so this is a time of celebration and renewal of our energy at the mid point through the year. Everything is in full abundance, so we will delight in looking at the trees and wildlife in full swing as we walk up to the monument, with stunning views across the Howe of Fife. We’ll then proceed to the Temple of Decision, for a period of quiet reflection, before returning once more to the cafe for refreshments. Approx time 3 hours. Cost is £10 per person. Please book via this page, or text 07846 399594, or e-mail info@craig-gilbert.com

Burntisland to Aberdour coastal path walk: Saturday 8th June 1pm-3pm

A slow meander along the Burntisland to Aberdour coastal path. We’ll take our time, enjoying the moment and the sights, looking at wildlife and stopping to view the sea, before finishing in Aberdour Silver Sands cafe for refreshments. There will then be an option to walk back, or get the number 7 bus back to Burntisland from Aberdour High St. Cost £10 per person. If interested in attending, please contact Craig via this page, text: 07846 399594 or e-mail info@craig-gilbert.com to book your place.

In search of red squirrels – Ladybank woods walk – Sun 26th May 2019 11am-1pm

A mindful walk through Heatherhall Woods by Ladybank in search of the elusive red squirrels! We’ll meet at the southern end of the woods, and walk through the woodland quietly and patiently, looking for squirrels and birds. We’ll then return to the car park, with an optional visit to a nearby cafe for refreshments to discuss our findings. Cost is £10 per person. Event will last approx 2 hours (though longer if we go for refreshments), and run at 11am – 1pm. To book, please message Craig on this page, text 07846 399594 or e-mail: info@craig-gilbert.com. Thank you.

Kinghorn Labyrinth Troll Walk – Saturday May 4th, 1pm-3pm

Join us on World Labyrinth Day to enjoy a mindful walk around the Life Labyrinth at Kinghorn Loch’s Earthship Centre, before walking through the glorious woodland to reach the Troll bridge. We will give the troll our problems and issues in life and ‘let go’ of our thoughts to reach the present moment, and then proceed up to an old ruin at the top of the troll path. We will then finish by returning to the Barn at the Loch cafe for refreshments. 2 hour event, from 1pm-3pm. Cost is £10 per person. Please let me know if you want to book, either by text: 07846 399594, or e-mail: info@craig-gilbert.com.

The troll under the bridge

A day of mindfulness – 7th April, 9am-5pm

Come and join us for a restful day of mindfulness in the lovely setting of Old Lathrisk house, near Newton of Falkland.

Driveway to Old Lathrisk

The day will run for 7 hours, and we’ll aim to be as mindful as we can in that time, beginning at 9am and finishing at 5pm.

9am – Mindful Meditation
10am – Mindful Tea Ceremony
11am-2pm – Mindful Walk and Lunch
3pm – Mindful sitting/journalling
4pm – Mindful sharing

Please bring a packed lunch with you. Tea/coffee will be served at the mindful tea ceremony and also there will be home baking on offer, and again at the mindful sharing.

For further information and/or to book, please contact Craig Gilbert either by private message here at Zen Life Fife, or e-mail: info@craig-gilbert.com, or text mobile: 07846 399594.

Cost for the day is £40 per person.

Mindful Walk at Newburgh 24th March 11am-1pm

A gentle mindful walk along the coastal path at Newburgh, before heading back to the high street for cafe refreshment. Duration is 2 hours, and costs £10 per person. Craig will guide you through some simple mindfulness practices to get to the present moment to fully immerse ourselves in the walk. We’ll also keep an eye out for Bearded Tits in the rushes along the coastline (one of the only places in Scotland to potentially see these). If you’re interested in attending, please private message Craig on the contact page, text 07846 399594 or e-mail info@craig-gilbert.com to book.