The Elrohen Trilogy

The Elrohen Trilogy will consist of:

Book 1: A Wizard’s Tears

Book 2: The Dark Shores

Book 3: Snowfall

Current Status:

Book 1 is available (see post below) but is in the process of being re-written for a 3rd and final edition

Book 2 has been written, but is not yet available. However, you can get a preview of a chapter of The Dark Shores right here

Book 3 is currently in production.


A Wizard’s Tears

New cover for A Wizard's Tears‘A Wizard’s Tears’, Craig’s first fantasy novel, is a powerful tale of a sorcerer discarded by his own Gods, sent into exile onto a different world. What does it mean, to be evil? This book answers that question, in an action adventure that moves fast with high emotions.

Click here to read excerpts from this novel.

A Wizard’s Tears is currently being re-written for its 3rd (and final) edition, and will become the first book in The Elrohen Trilogy.