Ghost in the mist

Ghost In The Mist

I am a ghost in the mist,
I descend, hidden, to this…
A world lost in flimsy dreams.

I’m the space between your thoughts,
The secret behind your sight,
That fire which could set you alight,
A yearning, a longing desperate to escape,
To unleash furious patterns of atoms,
To dance, to swirl, to become whirls,
Eddies of neutrons exploding in your mind,
This is the way I seek to become.

I am a ghost in the mist,
I descend, hidden, to this…
A world echoed in past woes.

I’m the journey between your space,
The place beyond your fears,
That majesty, that depth of wonder,
A spiral, an intense beauty delighting,
To unwrap, to live, to reach potential,
To fury, to anger, to surge energy,
Fusions of sparkling matter, wisps of storms,
This is the way I seek to become.

I am a ghost in the mist,
I descend, hidden, to this…
A world reacting to an unknown future.

I’m the wisdom between your conscience,
The knowledge deep in your soul,
That courage of life, unfettered, whole,
To spin galaxies onto their side,
To create gravity, to ground us, to nurture,
Circles of worlds, colliding incandescence,
This is the way I seek to become.

I am a ghost in the mist,
I reveal myself, sometimes, to this…
A world of calm, serene presence.

I’m the purpose between your dramas,
The quiet singing in your heart,
That intention of all that exists,
To flow with this great universe,
To inspire awe, to send us to the stars,
Dream of these moments, expand them,
This is the way I seek to become.

(c) Craig Gilbert 2018

Shining Bright

Shining Bright

I wander in a universe of unlimited boundaries,
Where stars wink at me and embellish the moon.
Circles, the life cycles in round eyes,
Capture my pupils and I am lost in joy –
This is a profoundly beautiful world.

I sit on the earth, not cold, nor dark,
Gazing to the heavens, my soul dancing
between the planets and comets,
my journey speeding to imaginative shores –
Before I pull in my mind and just stop.

Stillness, letting me know
that we can all shine bright.

Tonight, my heart takes over:
The feeling is all that exists,
in this present moment,
Fleeting, radiant, stunning –
A burst of brilliance piercing the veil.

The wind changes its course, infinite possibilities,
Leaves rustle at my side, blown kisses,
Can we all learn to flow and love,
Dance in this union of dreams –
In whatever direction leads us?

Stillness, letting me know
that we can all shine bright.

We are mere glimmers in the night,
Flares of unity sparkling in the dark,
Burning for just a short while,
Until we are just memories of embers –
Shine bright. Like the stars. Shine bright.

(c) Craig Gilbert 2016

The Willow Observer

The Willow Observer


Hush; I enjoy the quiet,

That only moving slowly can do –

Everything in focus, sharp clarity,

Teasing my eyesight like the glory of raindrops

On an open, green leaf.


Calm; I breathe the moment,

That only patient wandering can do –

Each footstep is sensed, fed and nourished,

The crunch of ground underfoot as delightful

As walking on pebbles beside a roaring sea.


Silent; I gaze deep within,

That only dwelling in sanctuary can do –

My path clear, my journey forward,

The centre so close, a spiral

Straight to my heart.


Peace; I know my purpose,

That only heightened belief can do –

Observing that which I hold dear,

My collective nature of consciousness,

A gift, as flexible as willow.


(c) Craig Gilbert June 2014

The Tower

The Tower

White foamed waves surge

over jagged outcrops of moss and stone;

turbulent combat, as timeless as the cormorants,

black and sleek, hooting their delight

at the incoming tide.

The aroma of fish tantalises

and surrounds the nostrils;

and an ancient hunger stirs: a craving.

Once more I am primeval,

a hunter of this land,

part of the tumult of this place.

The wind gnaws at me

like a seasoned morsel,

it too confined to the laws of the earth.

Then the sun emerges

and light glistens in the water,

twinkles of dancing white,

a purity as profound as the air I breathe.

I sit, on this rocky terrain,

a lord of the tower,

a master of all I see,

and revel in the grandeur

of this opulence.

(c) Craig Gilbert 2013

Planting Seeds III

Planting Seeds III


With the morning awake, I go to my garden,

Where the old oak tree lay destroyed,

Shattered limbs torn to the ground,

By lightning, or a fierce storm,

It will never be known.


In its place, a new tree, the one I planted,

At the start of my journey, in the misty void,

And now I look up at it, and see the maturity found,

And it mimics my own life, a spiritual form,

new life embracing the future, unknown.





It is several hundred years old,

arching upward with its ancient limbs,

feeding off the vibrancy of the light,

branching out ever further,

to capture its own leafy grandeur,

humbling my tiny form below.


It is new breath, new captivation,

a solid mass of memories untold,

an awe inspiring wonder

of this learning world, filled

with birds on its branches,

and rustles of leaves on the breeze.


It is a tree of life,

And already myths surround it,

So I touch it, caress it

Like it was the most delicate thing:

It is the most precious,

Warm, textured bark I have ever felt.


It is a beacon of hope,

A verdant flourish of green,

A place for me to linger,

To feel part of it all again,

To feel small, but necessary:

part of the world’s intricate design.

(c) Craig Gilbert – Taken from the book “A Gathering of Wings”

The wind and the rain

The wind and the rain

You are my wind.

Floating merrily along, caressing my cheek –

Dancing in wisps of air along my body!

You are tangible, but often I cannot see you,

As you are beyond my reach,

 But always in my thoughts…


I am your rain.

Forever lashing at you in torrential downpour –

Droplets of gloom and watery depression hitting you!

I am tangible, and you can always see me,

I am forever in your reach,

But never in your thoughts…


…please, I want the weather to change.

(c) Craig Gilbert

Taken from the poetry book Spirit



You are my insurmountable,
Challenging my mind and soul to the very limit,
Intoxicating my spirit, my virtue to the great wonder
That exists between your hypnotic eyes.

You are my infinite,
Spanning the universe in vast chasms of eternity,
Embellished in your flesh, your sustenance to marvel
In all your movements and sensual form.

You are my willing doom,
As I spin inexorably into your clutches,
Oceans of our fluids, our euphoria and screams of passion
Echoing into the endless reaches of the eternal goddess.

You are my incandescent brightness,
Brimming with pulsating colours of the majestic,
Coruscating in enormous dancing rivulets of fire
Merging and joining in elemental splendour.

You are my own passionate blood,
Seeping onto the fabric of my own carnal waves
Washing over my body in vapours of desire all your own
Endlessly uniting with my hidden bestial cravings.

I embrace you fiercely.
I entwine and blend with your body in welcoming.
I gasp and release my vestige of pent emotions.
I savour each and every taste of you.

You are my insurmountable,
Yet climb and devour you I must,
Even if the waves crash around me and I lose myself
To the intricacies of time and shifting winds.

You are my whole world,
The planet can shatter and I will be with you still,
In my mind, though all flesh and bone removed,
I will still have my spirit, forever enmeshed with yours.

(c) Craig Gilbert

Taken from the book Spirit



It cuts into your skin,
piercing the sustenance of what lies within,
it mars your flat surface,
a spark erupting from your furnace,
it is a virus in your body,
coughing and wheezing in tumultuous cacophony,
it is a shatter in your glass,
a wasp nestling betwixt flowers in your vase,
it dwells in the dark crevices of your mind,
scared to give away its position, hard to find,
it itches and claws at your soul,
eager talons sharpened, gouging all,
it blends in with your light,
enough to leap out unawares to fright,
it is the nagging feeling in your brain,
that consciousness of energy that came…

…from clarity of realisation of this muddle –
that life is such a complicated, time-consuming puzzle:

Splinters, pull them out.

(c) Craig Gilbert – Taken from the book ‘A Gathering of Wings’

I See You In This Sunlit World

I See You In This Sunlit World

A dream hovering and teasing the mote of my eye,
An image tantalizing with fondness as I sigh,
A love lingering immortal in passion as I lie,
An obsession twinkling in the twilight as life goes by.

A sliver of excitement in the moist sweat on my skin,
A rustle in the breeze whispering fires from within,
A journey unbidden into depths of carnal sin,
A union of souls’ hearts flying with angelic wings.

An allure locked into kinetic movements of desire,
A passion entranced with sensual servants of fire,
A touch betraying the heart’s beating as I travel higher,
A glimmer bursting with the rays of the sun ever brighter.

A reflection rippling in azure lakes of the soul, so bold,
A kiss breathing on lips when I see you in this sunlit world,
An embrace of perfection glistening in pleasure untold,
A dark filled with brightness, fighting back the cold.

A fantasy hidden in the depths of thoughtful mind and flesh,
A pattern of glowing smiles, winks and sways to guess,
A euphoria of warming wiles and traps to enmesh,
A laughter pealing across the skies to rapture and bless.

A dream hovering and teasing the mote of my eye,
An image tantalizing with fondness as I sigh,
A love lingering immortal in passion as I lie,
An obsession twinkling in the twilight as life goes by.

(c) Craig Gilbert

Taken from the poetry book Spirit

A Spirit Soaring


I have brooded and contemplated my life, this year,
Measuring all the goodness versus the dark decay,
Letting each golden moment pour into my mind and lay,
To combat the grip of reality’s rocks, the hidden fears.

I have seen wonders that only one such as you can create,
Fun and excitement have gone hand in hand,
As I kiss the fever that is your beguiling form, so glad,
To assuage the burning yearnings that rise and dissipate.

I contemplate my mortal desires, my fluid soul tingling,
A journey of limitless discovery and dances, so fair,
The tempest that roars from your eyes and hypnotic glares,
To fix my whole being to your lascivious minglings.

Now, I soar –
Discarding certain ways that I see now are unfit in harmony,
Yet remembering in full, the tantalizing memories of luxury,
Of how this time has moulded my contours.

I would take you with me, if I could,
Hand in hand, flying towards eternity’s light,
Like two golden eagles dancing in elegant delight,
Preying on all the world running before us as it should.

This, though, is a parting for us,
Although we will still always know each other,
The other burning within fierce embers,
Whenever we see flames or passion embrace us.

I hope that you will often think of me as you roam,
Seeking out those new visions and challenges to be won,
With my heart burning inside your own, beating as one,
In all the cold dark places that threaten you when I am gone.

I will always be with you.
Just as you will endure inside of me,
A hidden niche of spiritual chemistry,
A spirit soaring across the new oceans of blue.


 (c) Craig Gilbert

Taken from the poetry book Spirit