MoonwindMoonwind is my latest poetry book, which features a ‘best of’ selection of poems including previously unreleased material.

Here is the poem ‘Moonwind’ from the book:

The eternal night, quiet, unblinking,
faces the moonwind –
and there, suddenly,
lies a cacophony of sound,
of leaves and trees creaking
as essences of the ether
Whirl through the wooded glade,
the spirits of dreams,
of old mystics and ancient words,
timeless, come to greet the present moment,
whipped up in a frenzy of spiralling dandelion seeds,
to dance and murmur their existence,
before lying back to the calm earth.
An owl hoots, and a flutter
of wings echoes in the awakening dark,
just before a stream of
skittering moonlight floods the trees,
silhouettes and shadows
emerging from the deep.
Transfixed by the sight of circular clarity,
the craters of the face scatter all thoughts
to one, bold singularity:
This is the moment,
this is the event,
this is where breath takes form and
urges onward, to change,
to manifest new horizons,
to connect in wonderment,
to banish all fears;
a pure, untarnished love of being.

(c) Craig Gilbert 2016/2017

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A Gathering Of Wings

A Gathering Of WingsA Gathering Of Wings is an original collection of poems telling a spiritual and epic story through one man’s eyes, as he takes a journey of discovery along Fife’s coastal path towards his and mankind’s destiny.

This book took around three years to write, from its humble beginnings with poems about nature, birds and landmarks along Fife’s coastal path in Scotland, right up to the full blown story that encompasses these poems, with an added dimension about humanity’s problems, and how angels looking down on us decide to alter the world in a huge cataclysm.

The book is interspersed with this story, linking the poems together into a cohesive whole. This is not simply a poetry book, but a journey that is both fantastical but relevant to our current reality.

It challenges our views on life; I did some research on other religions, especially Gnosticism, for this book, and it reflects some of these beliefs, but mainly its aim is to make the reader think about the world, and our place in it, and to make up their own minds about what is right and what is wrong.  We all have a conscience; it’s how that conscience manifests itself.

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Read sample poems from this book in the poetry pages

I often wonder

how I would feel when the world came to an end;

for some, it would be the final wheel, the cycle of day and night shuddering, broken, unable to mend.

For others, they would huddle together, weeping their sorrow into the ground; safety in numbers, until life ends forever, snuffed out by a huge cataclysm, human beings never to be found.”

(Excerpt from poem ‘The Ones Left Behind’)



Spirit CoverThis is a journey, a story of the Spirit.

An all-consuming love for the one spirit, nurtured and made alive by the physical form of woman, captures emotions and feelings paramount to the creation of all life existing.

Such is the intensity of this love, there are moments of doubt, even self-loathing, and hatred manifestation. These are when the soul darkens, the dreams fade into a dull reality; the mind is not focused on the true beauty before us and the wonders of the universe.

It takes a journey through the Moonsong, a mysterious path through the dreaming and realms of the otherworld, to capture the soul once more, lighting the way and removing all self-harming thoughts, cleansing the pores of the mind.

A captivation takes hold, a rebirth, as lights twinkle in the mind’s eye once more, where hope reforms and love shines anew…

…behold, and enter the world of the One Spirit…

Sample poem:  I See You In This Sunlit World

A dream hovering and teasing the mote of my eye,
An image tantalising with fondness as I sigh,
A love lingering immortal in passion as I lie,
An obsession twinkling in the twilight as life goes by.

A sliver of excitement in the moist sweat on my skin,
A rustle in the breeze whispering fires from within,
A journey unbidden into depths of carnal sin,
A union of souls’ hearts flying with angelic wings.

An allure locked into kinetic movements of desire,
A passion entranced with sensual servants of fire,
A touch betraying the heart’s beating as I travel higher,
A glimmer bursting with the rays of the sun ever brighter.

A reflection rippling in azure lakes of the soul, so bold,
A kiss breathing on lips when I see you in this sunlit world,
An embrace of perfection glistening in pleasure untold,
A dark filled with brightness, fighting back the cold.

A fantasy hidden in the depths of thoughtful mind and flesh,
A pattern of glowing smiles, winks and sways to guess,
A euphoria of warming wiles and traps to enmesh,
A laughter pealing across the skies to rapture and bless.

A dream hovering and teasing the mote of my eye,
An image tantalising with fondness as I sigh,
A love lingering immortal in passion as I lie,
An obsession twinkling in the twilight as life goes by.


I Am You

I Am You Cover‘I Am You’ is my third poetry book. From the mysterious dreaming section of the book, with poems such as ‘Through the Ley Lines’ and ‘Weep at the gates of nature’s spirit’, there is a real depth of mysticism and wonder about the world. The waking section of the book offers more poems bound in reality, based on people, or places, or simply feelings. This book will challenge your very views on life.

Sample poem: Through The Ley Lines

The seething and ripples of scratched sounds,
Of stone and of tree and of vision,
Echoes of the stillness eternal,
A cosmic array of new forces -
Yet guided by the ancient’s knowledge,
Greets me and comes to my startled eyes
Like a momentary glimpse of enlightenment.
Palpable, I am ushered through the ley lines,
Travelling long and to far, mysterious places,
My beating heart shattering in my ears,
My mind adrift on a plateau of energy infinite.
The stars are pulsating and merging,
Faster and faster and faster,
They encompass all the glows of the heavens
In one mesmeric surge of enchantment.
I am soaring, made of nothing but star particles -
I have long since transcended a mortal’s form:
I am now part of the flow,
Part of the cosmos,
The energy that binds the earth and the life.
It is at this point,
I see the meaning, the whole sweet melody
Of all that exists in the blend of the balance.
For a fleeting, powerful moment
I am encapsulated and made complete.

You are now my spirit.
You are now my soul.
Binding and entwining,
We lose ourselves from body,
We lose ourselves from thought,
We transcend and journey together,
Two feathers dancing and teasing at each other,
Tickles and sensations,
Merging with all the joy of a sunset’s glow,
And the dawns of rebirth.
I feel this energy surround me,
In the stones, in the circles, in the lines,
This power is part of the land itself,
Not part of the decay and withering of time,
Something greater, indomitable,
A surge of euphoria sent back across the ages.
I embrace this sensual pleasure!
I embrace all that moulds and shapes me.
I embrace life in all its myriad of concoctions.
I have the spirit,
I have the nature,
Of all of life’s creations.

I awake from the dream, so captivating,
A journey I long to take again…
Looking around at my world,
My life,
Perhaps I don’t need to.

It is all here.


Alchemy Of Love

Alchemy Of Love CoverAlchemy of Love was written over two years and contains thirty-nine new poems about the world we live in and the thoughts of the author as the seasons change. It is a work glowing with dreams, romance and fantasy, exploring the four seasons of nature, the warmth and the cold, the dark and the light. It is a work inspired by the world around us, and the inspiration that can be seen in the scenery and the life of the planet.

Sample poem:  Call Of The Crow

I hear the call of the crow,
As the black bird preens itself,
Resplendent in its gothic glory.
It has been calling to me
For some time,
Often in the distance,
But always there, a dim cry
In the endless ether,
Waiting for me to find it
And draw near.

I stand on the precipice now,
Gazing down at the bird before me.
It watches me,
Almost expecting me to leap
Over the chasm to where it rests.
I dare not, frightened I may fall.
So fall I will not,
And simply watch with furrowed brow,
Until the crow takes to the sky,
And vanishes out of sight.


Soul Shadows

Soul Shadows CoverSoul Shadows is a book of poems from the heart, detailing the author’s hopes, dreams, romanticisms, light and dark moods, and observations of life in general.

Sample Poem: The Vastness

Infinite, glimmering passions of majestic hue,
Blossoming birth, mysterious entities of the night
Engulfing fires of burning flesh, sweet embers-
The taste fulfilling all need in a golden moment,
Yet starting all over again in beautiful antithesis.

Is this how the universe works?
An expanding, flowing heart
Filling every vein, breathing in the delicate life
Only to lose it all once more,
Falling backwards into impenetrable darkness.

I sleep, and the soul takes over,
A vestige of unnamed shadows,
Smothering all in the warm, gentle dark-
Soft, tender touches, my aching body
Captures an incredible, startling feeling:
An inner joy so profound it numbs all sense.

Yet merely a glimpse
Of something greater,
Indefinable, but touched upon

I marvel at this world I live in.
Every whispered, melting caress.
Kiss me lovingly.
Take me in your arms.
I can only wish for my worthiness.