A small update

Having returned from holiday, I’ve taken stock of my writing, and work has now commenced with more verve on The White Fox, which is the second book in my Dark Faerie Trilogy (following The Black Tree). The book, a supernatural thriller based in Scotland, will start in Falkland in Fife and then move to the Isle of Bute. I’m excited to bring this story to you, as it will add more layers to the original story and set everything up for the third book in the trilogy.

As well as this, I’m now at a stage to write About Zen – which will be a self-help book on my learnings on Mindfulness. This is doubly-exciting for me as it is a complete change from what I’ve written before, and will hopefully become an accessible book for everyone into the realm of mindfulness and just how positive it is to have in one’s life.

Expect more news in the new year on all my projects.

Updated website

Ahh…at last, some love for my old website!

I hope you enjoy the new layout.

I plan to post more poems, book excerpts and mindful practices on here soon, as well as more events and general up to date blogs on what is going on in my life journey.

Thank you for taking the time to come to my site.

Spring news 2017

Spring is about to blossom here in Scotland, and the sense of awakening is all around me, no less for my writing.

We start with the imminent release, in paperback, of Moonwind, my ‘best of’ poetry collection. It’s already available to download as an e-book via Amazon.

From there, work is fully underway on continuation of The Elrohen Trilogy, which started with A Wizard’s Tears and will expand with The Dark Shores and then Snowfall.  To co-incide with the release of The Dark Shores will be an updated version of A Wizard’s Tears with new cover artwork and additional storylines in the book to give it a fuller, more polished feel. This will be its 3rd edition (and last), but I felt it worth bringing more up to date to fit in with my current style of writing.

Additionally to this, preliminary work on The White Fox begins to take form. This is the sequel to The Black Tree and will once again feature the dark faeries from the original book, and follow Matt and Anouska’s lives going forward from the events of the first instalment.

I look forward to catching up with you all at various events this year, beginning with the Falkland Craft Market in Fife.

Book updates

Just a bit of news regarding my projects and their current status:

Fantasy Novels

  • A Wizard’s Tears (Volume 1 in the Elrohen Trilogy) – is being re-written following on from the book’s 2nd edition, to give it an update and also a new cover, which will link in to it being the first in a trilogy;
  • The Dark Shores (Volume 2 in the Elrohen Trilogy) – is getting closer to a release, having finalised the 2nd draft of the book
  • Snowfall (Volume 3 in the Elrohen Trilogy) – work has begun on the novel
  • The World Beneath The Dark (Volume 1 in the Teal Trilogy) – work has begun on the novel. This will be the first of a new trilogy, on a completely different world, with new characters.

Short Stories

  • Little Constellations – work has begun on ideas for the short stories in this book, which will have otherworldly elements. The first story will be about a weeping village…

Poetry Books

  • Moonwind: Best of Poems – Work is almost complete on my best of compilation, which covers my favourite poems from my earlier poetry books: Soul Shadows, Alchemy of Love, I Am You, Spirit, A Gathering of Wings and also will showcase some new work.  The cover is also well underway by the talented Black Heart Art Scotland
  • Poems About Zen - Work has begun on this new poetry book




Autumn news

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I posted any news. I will aim to do better.

2015 has been a year of change, and my writing is now beginning to reflect these changes. You can read all about it in my blog, but as this is the news section, here are the snippets you’ll be interested in:

1. Work continues on my fantasy Elrohen trilogy, with ‘A Wizard’s Tears’ being rewritten with some expanded chapters in it (this is volume one of the trilogy);

‘The Dark Shores’ is complete (volume two of the trilogy) and is now awaiting publication

‘Snowfall’ (volume three of the trilogy) is now underway and I’ve written the beginning chapters of this.

2. New poetry books are imminent – a compilation of previous books to showcase my favourites, and a new book with a working title Poems about Zen

3. I’m beginning to flesh out the short stories for my new short story book Little Constellations

4. Preliminary work has begun on the Audio CD for my poetry book A Gathering of Wings

2016 is already shaping up nicely, then!

A Gathering Of Wings is expanding

A Gathering Of Wings

A Gathering Of Wings

A Gathering Of Wings, the epic poetry journey on the future of humanity, is expanding!

An initial concept for an audio CD is being worked on, which will incorporate the story of the book with ambient/musical soundscapes. I am excited to be going into the world of audio to bring some of my written work even more to life.

In addition to this, I am basing new poetry/writing workshops using this book as a basis for ongoing discussions.  The events section will post these workshops once finalised.

New products and projects

Momentum is building again with my writing, and I feel it is the right time to announce some new products (and projects) that I have planned.

Poetry: On the products front, I’m creating postcards, art prints and notebooks of my poetry, for sale at craft markets initially.  I’m excited about these, my poetry always gets remarked upon at events and people do seem to relate and enjoy it. I also plan to create a poetry collection of my best work (in my opinion), and I have plans to create a Falkland poetry book, with poems written while I’ve been out walking the woodlands around the village.


  • First, as already described on this site, I intend to complete my second fantasy novel based on the fantasy world of Elrohen: ‘The Dark Shores‘. This novel tells the story of Kayla, a woman on a pilgrimage to the fabled religious island of Mykemu, where three religions are worshipped side by side. There have been rumours of weird storms around the island, and unrest in its occupants, and Kayla soon finds herself embroiled in the elemental energies that are taking over the island for some strange, unknown purpose…


  • Following up from that one, my third fantasy novel, which I’m calling ‘Snowfall‘, will be the final one in the Elrohen series. It will tell a story of a group of travelling ambassadors, from different races and factions, coming together to form a peace meeting to avert a war.  As they journey to their assigned meeting location, an avalanche traps them alone in an unforgiving land. In order to survive, the ambassadors will need to work together, or face imminent death from the creature of the land, who act not from war, but from hunger…


  • I also have plans for a Fantasy Trilogy, which won’t be based in Elrohen, but on different planes.  The story will revolve around dreams that can be captured, stored and entered as portals to other dimensions. The working titles for these three books are:

                    1: The world beneath the dark

                    2: The world of mortal wishes

                    3: The world beyond the light

             These books will also have an overall title, called ‘Teal‘, which  is the colour that is seen when travelling from one dream portal to another…

More news as soon as these projects take more form…