Moonwind Welcome to Craig-Gilbert.com!


I’m the author of several books.  I write poetry, fantasy novels – currently the Elrohen trilogy, the Teal trilogy and the dark faerie trilogy, and other works such as the zen trilogy and short stories.

  • These works are currently self-published; they are available from myself directly, or through Amazon and other sources online, both as e-books or paperbacks.

I do my books as part of my life journey, and as such have decided not to specifically charge for them on this site; however people who are interested in reading them can visit the donations page to find out more about how to order my books.


This site also includes my blog, and latest news and events that I’m part of.



In addition to being an author, I am the co-ordinator and practitioner for zen life fife.  I have began several services incorporating zen mindfulness, and can be contacted to run sessions in my base in Fife, but also elsewhere if required.

Visit my zen & mindfulness page to view the services I offer.


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